Igniting The Fire Within Psilocibyn Retreat

Embark on a transformative self-discovery and inner exploration journey with our exclusive Psilocybin Retreat! Nestled in the serene embrace of nature at Quinta Carvalhas, this private four-day retreat offers a unique, immersive experience designed to elevate your consciousness and open the door to profound personal growth.

Quinta Carvalhas (quintacarvalhas.com) is a luxury farm stay and retreat venue in Portugal. It is a holistic well-being haven that offers unique experiences for Body, Mind and Soul: Thoughtfully designed retreats, yoga, Reiki, Horse Therapy, Massage, and Vegetarian Food.

Discover Your Inner Universe:

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and dive into the depths of your psyche. Our carefully curated psilocybin retreat, guided by experienced facilitators and coaches Stella and Ana, provides a safe and supportive environment for self-reflection and expanded awareness.

Healing Journey, Mindful Practices, and Nutritious Food:

Immerse yourself in our four-day psilocybin retreat journey with incredibly nutritious food, therapeutic music, guided meditations, movement and breathwork sessions tailored to deepen your connection with the psychedelic experience and promote healing on a holistic level.

Expert Guidance for Your Journey:

Our skilled and compassionate facilitators, Ana and Stella, are here to guide you through your psychedelic experience. With years of expertise, they provide a safe and nurturing space, ensuring that you feel supported and comfortable throughout your journey towards self-discovery.

Ana Scherer:

Coach, positive psychology practitioner, entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, facilitator, former world-class swimmer, and forever athlete.

My enthusiasm with the power of psychedelics and what it can do for us happened after my experiences with this incredible plant medicine. In my 19 years as a life coach, I have always wanted to find something that could “crack people’s hearts and minds open” so they could realise faster that the answers lie within themselves. In my opinion, plant medicine is the answer I was looking for.

After much research, I realised that this is the path I want to pursue. I also realised that people need a way to fully integrate their insights from their journeys into their lives. They needed support, which is how this model flourished in my head. Through coaching, people can incorporate their insights and plan action moving forward. I want to devote my life to this mission.

I am a coach with 19 years of experience, a positive psychology practitioner, an entrepreneur and a student of trauma and its impact on advancing us in our growth process. I am also fully committed to providing you with the support and space to dive deeply into yourself and explore your subconscious.

I am enthusiastic about this new path and excited about sharing the power of psilocybin with the world and with you! All types of plant medicine are an incredible gift from nature, and combined with a structured set and setting and experienced facilitators, they can propel you to new heights and reveal many answers from your subconscious. We can support you in returning to the path and reconnecting with your true self to regain clarity and meaning in your life or find it for the first time. I am truly honoured to be your guide into this unique experience!


Experienced retreat facilitator, therapist, coach, transformational breathwork specialist, body-dearmouring and yoga instructor.

Together with Ana, we form your dedicated team, ready to help and support you on your journey into your true essence.

I turned 46 years old last week, and I’m happily living in Delft with my newlywed husband, Jasper and our furry triplets.

In my 'previous life', I ventured into hospitality management and Human Resources, dedicating numerous years as a Personal Assistant to various teams and CEOs. My passion for supporting people has always coursed through my veins. Simultaneously, a profound curiosity about human behaviour has intrigued me endlessly. Questions like, "What drives people to act the way they do? How does the human psyche function, particularly concerning trauma?" have occupied my thoughts. It was in 2014, during my first encounter with a psychedelic retreat, that my desire to assist and empower others through plant medicines was born.

Nowadays, I combine all the skills I gained as a coach and therapist in my practice, where I support people on their inner journey using tools such as psychedelic plant medicines, body de-armouring, transformational breathwork, and yoga. To delve deeper into the relationship between body, mind, and trauma, I have dedicated recent years to the study of Body-Integrated Psychotherapy. Commencing next March, I will train to specialise in becoming a Body-Oriented Trauma Therapist.

From my own experiences and also working for more than nine years as a facilitator, psychedelics are gifts from Mother Nature! Sometimes, they give you not what you are waiting or hoping for, but precisely what you need at the time.

I'm there for you during the retreat, providing support and a safe space. This will help you trust the process and deeply dive into yourself.

Embrace Transformation:

This retreat is not just a getaway; it's a catalyst for life change transformation. Open your mind to new perspectives, release limiting beliefs, and embrace the potential for profound personal transformation. Step into a renewed sense of self and a brighter, more intentional future.


• Each participant will have a beautiful private suite
• Individual intake and video call with each of the participants before the retreat
• Welcome and introduction
• Morning movement/yoga and meditation sessions
• Nutritious and delicious vegetarian meals - breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks, dinner
• Unlimited water and tea
• Body and breathwork session
• Preparation before the ceremony
• A ceremony with a high dose of psilocybin
• Group sharing and creative integration and one individual integration session
• Aftercare and follow-up coaching: one month (three sessions) of integration video group coaching calls after the retreat to create a clear plan for integrating the insights from experience into the participants' lives.
• Private use of the Quinta
• Unlimited use of venue spaces & materials
• Transportation from Lisbon Airport to the Quinta on TBD schedule
• Complimentary pick-up from Mato de Miranda train station

• Flights
• Travel Insurance
• Drinks outside of meal packages

€2550 per person (double occupancy) €2850 per person (single occupancy)

Join Us on this Journey:

Seize the opportunity to embark on a life-changing adventure. Our Psilocybin Retreat awaits those ready to explore the vast landscapes of their consciousness and cultivate a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them.

The retreat will be intimate, exclusive, and personalised, with a maximum of six to eight participants.

The“Igniting The Fire Within Retreat” program is intended as a general outline. The program may vary depending on the temperature, group dynamics, and other needs of the group that may surface.

Are you ready for an unforgettable retreat? Dare to explore the extraordinary within!


1. Would there be an airport pick-up/drop-off?

Yes. It will be coordinated with the majority of the arrival flights. Depending on the driver's availability, there will be only one pick-up and drop-off.

2. What are the check-in and check-out times?

Check-in is at 15:00 and check- out is at 11:00.

3. Can I be picked up at the station?

Yes. The retreat offers free pick-ups from the nearest train station.